Kentucky dance 1813

Webber, C. W.; Wild Scenes and Song Birds; G. P Putnam & Co., New York, 1853; p. 134-135

“Then there was the bran dance,¬†which – commencing with the barbacued feast – wound up with a grand dance upon the rolled earth, sprinkled with bran beneath the arbors and in which everybody, high or low, participated with a reckless abandon of jollity. The confused jumble of all classes in this rude festival, made it more an occasion for roystering fun than refined enjoyment, and although forty years ago they were participated in by our ladies, and I remember well hearing my aunt and mother tell, many times, of dancing with the young Harry Clay at the bran dance, yet they gradually fell into disuse by the more refined.

By the way, I shall never forget the first picture of Mr. Clay at one of these dances….”

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